Competitor System    Meister System   
Big fire ball No fire ball
  • High Efficiency
  • Uses 2/3 less water for cooling the equipment on a standard 4 meter canopy then competitor
  • Uses 50% less (AFFF) wet chemical then competitor
  • Larger (double overlap) coverage spray nozzles then competitor
  • Small and compact design all in stainless steel
  • Easy to install even as retro-fit
  • Voltage free contact for connections to BMS available
  • Protects not just the equipment but humans (no fire ball) as well within the vicinity of the fire because of the large spray angle of 172.35 deg
  • 2 meter nozzle coverage (specially designed by Meister) compared to 0.9 meter of competitor
  • Dual nozzle functionality – fogging at top and misting at bottom full bore cone design
  • No high pressure water supply required
  • High pressure nitrogen cylinder not required unlike competitor
  • No serviceable parts inside the main control box and is therefore sealed to avoid disconnecting (or sabotage) of system
  • Very economical to re-charge (50% less cost) after system is fired
  • Designed, develop and manufactured in South Africa by Meister
  • Tested in our own testing facilities to UL 300 and NFPA Standards
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • The system outperforms all conventional single-agent systems on a number of fronts
  • To overcome the problem of creating a fire ball our system takes +/- 5 seconds longer (compared to competitor) to extinguish the initial fire

AFF Wet Chemical

Small & Compact Design

Smarter system

Ready for installation

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